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About Us:

About Us:

A host of local musicians and bands gather together to pick, play and sing Bluegrass, Country and Gospel Music in an inform jam session the 1st Thursday of very Month.  If you are interesting in participating in the entertainment, Pre-register with Jim Kizer, Emcee.


House Band:

  . Stephen Schmidt and First Love


Guest Bands and Soloists who appeared on stage at the Wakarusa Bluegrass Jamboree:

 . Audie Blaylock          . The Balos Family          . Tader Creek

 . Sherie McKinley       . The Sullivans                 . The Bluegrass Martins

 . The Royer Family     . Ed Ritchie                        . The Anchors

 . Jimmie Robbins/Michael Harding (The Country Music Show

 . The Gospel & Folk Weather Girls

 . Maynard Mast & Due Process                               . Nelson Miller

 . Sheila Mullet                                                             . Aaron Stutzman


Jamboree Welcomes Younger Musicians (2021):

We are extremely proud of the Jamboree's younger musicians. Stephen Schmidt's son, Stephen (age 19) along with his sister Sarah (age 21) do a great job singing and playing musical instruments on stage.

J.D. Hall (age 19) does a great job with vocals and playing numerous musical instruments including guitar and fiddle.

We are pleased to have newest member, Cade Filpus,(age 14)  and his siblings, Gage, Reese and Molly join us on stage...vocals accompanied with various acoustic instruments.  Cade plays banjo.